Big Bands and Standards


    Welcome to the Big Bands and Standards web site. This site and the music stream are provided in an effort to keep alive the music of the Big Band era, and the standards, both instrumental and vocal from the 1930's through the 1960's. Unfortunately with the exception of the syndicated "Music of Your Life" radio program and a smattering of radio stations around the world, much of the music played here has been forgotten. Some is available on satellite radio but the playlist is so limited that their entire library can be heard in a few hours. Most of the music we play is not available on CD or any format other than the original vinyl recordings. We play the vinyl and edit as many of the clicks and pops as possible with digital editing. Some songs however still will have noise which is unavoidable.

     When this music was performed and recorded, it was up to the arrangers, the musicians and the solo artists to sound good. There were no computer generated instruments and no computer enhancements available  as a replacement for TALENT. The musicians performed in front of live audiences and microphones. The microphones fed into vacuum tube amplifiers and were recorded either on discs or in most cases after WW2 , magnetic tape. Multitrack recording was developed by guitarist Les Paul and introduced in the early 50's. It was quickly adopted by  artists as  a way of  mixing vocals with orchestra backup  without having everyone in the same studio at the same time. Please don't misunderstand me though. The rock musicians and country artists are also very talented people but  it is a 'different" type of talent. Just as big  band and jazz differ from classical, so does rock and current country from big band.

    Arrangers like Nelson Riddle, Glen Osser, Axel Stordahl,Ray Conniff, and many others were the people behind the scenes that  made the sound, the distinctive sound of each performer , orchestra, or band

       Ultimately, we plan on having a request program on this site and will accept e-mail requests which we will honor on a special live program on Saturday evening  -6hrs GMT. With approximately 8000 lp's 6000 singles and several hundred CD's we probably have the tune that you would like to hear.

       On Sunday morning, we deviate from the regular programming by providing a live audio feed of the Lutheran service from the Elk Creek Lutheran Church  in rural Kensett Iowa, approximately 1 mile from the location of our server.  Pastor Tom Martin  performs the Sunday morning duties at 10:30am(16:30gmt)

during even months and 9:00am(15:00gmt)during odd months.

Sit back with a cup of strong black coffee as any good Norwegian Lutheran would do and tune in to Pastor Tom. See the Church page for more information.


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